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Washroom Products & Services

Nowadays image and cleanliness is vital, not only in the home but also in industry, business, public service, and in the hospitality industry. Gone are the days when smelly and grubby toilets and washrooms were common.

Sanitary Accommodation

The cleaning and maintenance of toilets, bathrooms and washrooms require high standards of hygiene to be maintained. The maintenance of these standards may necessitate the cleaning of these areas several times a day, depending on the degree of soil age and usage.

North East Commercial Cleaning Hygiene Services, will service your toilet and washroom cleaning requirement to an exacting standard. We can provide you with a daily or weekly cleaning service or if you have your own daily cleaning staff we can supply expert technicians who will provide you with a weekly or fortnightly deep cleaning service.

Deep Cleaning Service

We will supply you with professionally trained and uniformed technicians, equipped with specialist tools and materials, including superheated steam cleaners, arrive on a scheduled basis to provide an unrivalled deep cleaning service to:

1. Remove all uric acid scale, mineral and organic build-up from the inside of toilet bowls, urinals and flush rims. To ensure that all scale and deposits are removed an inspection mirror is used to check underneath flush rims and other hidden areas.

2. Extensively soiled toilets - After treatment to remove scale, stains and odours, high-pressure hot steam and detergents are used to clean all surfaces and appliances, including stud retaining bolts, toilet seats, hinges and flush tanks.

3. Eradicate the source the unpleasant odours, which commonly exist in well used or neglected toilet facilities.

4. All toilet surfaces are treated with a concentrated germicidal sterilisation spray, which will eliminate growth of pathogenic flora and completely eliminate harmful bacteria.

5. Where urinal screens are installed they will also be cleaned and sterilised.

6. Clean and sanitise all wash hand basins, Lime scale is removed from every tap and bathroom fitting, and they are polished to a high sheen. Wall tiles are scrubbed, sanitised and left spotless.

7. Supply, install and maintain air fresheners, which will provide a constant fragrance that will appeal to the user.

8. Supply and install durable soap dispensing equipment, which also includes a supply of soft hand soap.

9. Clean and maintain all walls, mirrors, and floors.

North East Commercial Cleaning welcomes an inspection by your on-site management following a deep cleaning service visit.

Benefits of having North East Commercial Cleaning service your Toilet and Washroom Cleaning requirements...

No stock piling of products - North East Commercial Cleaning technicians carry a complete inventory of items to maintain your soap dispensing units, air fresheners, toilet paper dispensers and hand towel dispensers.

More space and less financial outlay - Let North East Commercial Cleaning store and control your products.

Increased Productivity - releases your staff to complete more pressing and important jobs in your organisation.

Fixed Costs - You will know exactly what you’re monthly and annual budget will be. The North East Commercial Cleaning service is a comprehensive package with no hidden costs.

Added Safety - Your customers, clients and staff are guaranteed added safety - all germs that are commonly found in toilet and washroom facilities are destroyed by sterilisation, resulting in a safer environment for all.

Professional Image - Your toilet and washroom facilities will not only be clean, they will look and feel clean, and with a North East Commercial Cleaning Certificate displayed, your customers, clients and staff will have confidence in the fact that you care about their health and safety.

We offer a 100 % Money back guarantee on all our services

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