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Canopy Cleaning Newcastle

Canopy Cleaning - Extraction cleaning Newcastle the North East

North East Commercial & Industrial cleaning Ltd are without doubt the North East’s leading experts in Canopy cleaning in Newcastle and the North East. Kitchen canopies and Filters soon become grease laden and unhygienic, especially in busy kitchens operating for six hours a day and more.

Our highly skilled and experienced cleaning specialists will restore your canopy and filters to nearly new condition using the latest cleaning techniques.

Our proven system, always produce amazing results far beyond our customer’s Initial expectations, which is why they call us back year after year !

The canopy will firstly be hand scraped; removing the bulk of Burnt in Grease, a powerful heavy duty de-greasing agent will then be used to remove the remaining remnants. Once the canopy has been restored to a clean state, a buffing process will begin using special steel polish to bring it back to its original condition.

All Filters and baffles will be removed from the canopy, left to soak for a number of hours in a specially designed and modified heated dip tank “De-carbonising unit” loosening all grease and stubborn food residues that have become imbedded within the filters or baffles, Once soaking is complete, a high pressured “hot” power washer is then used to remove all remaining contaminants and then finally buffed to a high shine, thus saving money on replacement filters and baffles.

Special attention is always paid to the grease trap’s and stainless steel back splashes, gas fittings and pipes ensuring all grease is removed, leaving a sparkling clean finish.

When all work is completed, a certificate of compliance / Hygiene will be issued which is recognised and accepted by your Insurance Company, demonstrating that competent cleaning work has been carried out on your canopy / extract system.

For more Information on our canopy cleaning & extraction cleaning in Newcastle and the North East telephone 0800 779 7082 or click get a quote.

We offer a 100 % Money back guarantee on all our services